Why Learn English?

Why learn English? Whenever you take on a new learning challenge it is important to think about your motivation for doing so. 

This is especially true when it comes to the task of learning a foreign language. Picking up the English tongue, for example, is something you will want to go into with your eyes open, as it is going to take you some time and effort to become comfortable with it. Of course, there are many reasons for wanting to learn a foreign language and here are some of the top ones people give.

To get a better Job

A good knowledge of English is now hugely important in many different industries. Even if you don’t plan to move to an English speaking country you could still find that speaking the language well opens up a lot more possibilities for you in the future. A simple look online at some jobs sites will show you that having more than one language gives you more jobs you can aim for. If you are planning to move somewhere like the UK, the US or Canada then you will see this as an extremely important step to take regardless of the type of work you are interested in doing.  

To Make Friends

Maybe you have already moved to an English speaking country and are struggling to make new friends because of the language barrier. This is a situation in which it is important to make a start at learning the words and phrases which will help you settle in. You will feel like an outsider anywhere in the world where you can’t speak the local language. By learning it well, on the other hand, you can feel at home and start to make friends. Of course, there’s also the opportunity to make new friends with the other students and teachers.

It's fun!

We can’t forget that there are many people who enjoy the process of learning a foreign tongue as a hobby. In the case of English there are so many songs, films and books in this language that it can be a fantastic way to add some variety to your life. Not to mention the level of satisfaction when you have conquered new words, and begin to understand more of what others are saying!

Why learn English - toTravel !

English is a global language, and even in those countries which are not English speaking, English is often the second language and the easiest way to communicate. English can definitely help you broaden your horizons.

In the end, we all have different reasons for taking language classes but if we go about them in the right way we can enjoy them as well as learn from them. I'll start  with English courses in Washington and other cities around the US. Anyone who wants to have fun while picking up new words can do so by learning from teachers who bring the classes alive and help you learn at a speed which suits you. 

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