Travel Vocabulary

Here is some travel vocabulary that will make the delights of travelling even more enjoyable for those who are learning English.

Airport Vocabulary

duty-free shops shops in the airport where you are not charged any tax
departure lounge the area where you wait before boarding the plane
runway the 'road' where the planes land and take-off
control tower the building where the air traffic controllers work
air traffic controller the person who directs the planes, to make sure there are no accidents
immigration officer the person who checks the passports and visas
customs officer the person who checks that people are not bringing guns, drugs or illegal items into the country

Airplane Vocabulary

cabin crew the people who look after, help and serve the passengers during the flight
cockpit the front of the plane where the pilot sits and flies the plane
galley the part of the plane where the cabin crew keep and prepare the food, and keep the duty free goods
overhead locker the storage area above the passengers where they can store their hand luggage
hand luggage small bags that the passengers can carry onto the plane with them
checked luggage large bags that the passengers do not carry onto the plane with them. They are kept in the hold during the flight.
aisle seat a seat that is located next to the long corridor (aisle) that runs down the centre of the plane
window seat a seat next to the window
cabin pressure the air pressure inside the aircraft when it is flying
boarding pass the ticket that you need in order to get onto the plane

Travel Vocabulary - Idioms

to talk a mile a minute to talk very rapidly and quickly
to drive somebody round the bend if something drives you around the bend, it irritates you and drives you crazy
to be in the same boat to be in the same situation or predicament
that ship has sailed a particular opportunity has passed
ship has come in something very good has happened
to be taken for a ride to be cheated, misled or deceived by someone
to go to great lengths to make a great effort, to try very hard
wheeling and dealing to try and make a profit or get an advantage through complicated and sometime deceitful means
to fly off the handle to become very angry
to let things ride to allow a situation to continue, to not take action or change something that is wrong

Phrasal Verbs

to fall apart to break into pieces e.g. My suitcase is falling apart, I need to buy a new one.
to fall back on to be able to use in an emergency e.g. It was good that we had some spare cash to fall back on.
to fall into (conversation) to start a conversation with someone you have just met e.g. Do you ever fall into conversation with the people next to you on the plane?
to get around to travel to different places e.g. How do you plan to get around Italy?
to get away to go somewhere different from where you live e.g. I need to get away for awhile, is there any place you would recommend?
to get on to leave e.g. I need to be getting on, or my bus will leave without me
to get a move on to do something quickly, to hurry e.g. I wish you would get a move on, or we will be late!

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