Thanksgiving Lesson Plan

If you are looking for a Thanksgiving lesson plan to educate your students not only in the English language, but also with some American culture, then you will find a free downloadable lesson here.

This lesson is based on a text from the History Channel about the first Thanksgiving celebration by the pilgrims in 1621, but also continues with a video clip with things I 'bet you didn't know' about Thanksgiving. Do you know how long the first Thanksgiving celebration was? Do you know when and why it became an annual national holiday? Why did the date change three times? Why do the Americans eat turkey and pumpkin pie? What quirky thing does the president do every year? You will find the answers to these and much more during this lesson.

The students will have an opportunity to practise their reading, listening and writing skills, as well as have fun with drawings, competitions and imagining interesting scenarios.

Free Downloadable Lesson Plan


This lesson is suitable for upper-intermediate, advanced and proficiency level students (B2, C1 and C2).

Language Focus

The lesson starts with a short lead-in discussion into the subject of Thanksgiving. This is followed by some vocabulary which will come in useful for the students when they are reading the text. The students then get to have some fun with drawing the original story with the assistance of their new words after reading through the extract.

The students then get to watch a video clip once, before having a competition about many of the subjects covered in the video. If they didn't catch all the answers the first time around, they get a second chance while doing a gap-fill exercise of the listening.

The lesson concludes with some advice on writing thank you letters, notes and e-mails, and an opportunity for the students to respond to various scenarios, practise their writing, and comment on the contributions of the other students.

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