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You can do a TEFL online course with LoveTEFL, who are a UK based company. They sometimes have Open Days in Leeds and London where you can see what they are all about, meet the people and see some of their presentations.

Being an online course, however, you can sign up and do it from anywhere in the world, and at your own pace. They also offer job placements in China, Thailand and Vietnam, as well as internship packages where you can study with LoveTEFL and get work experience in these countries.


LoveTEFL offer a 120 hour course which is divided into 10 modules, and can be done in 4 to 6 weeks, although you can take longer over it if you like. You get assigned a personal tutor who marks your work and gives you support and feedback. There isn't a practical teaching option to their course, but they do offer internships.

What's in the Course?

I had a look through an outline of the course material, and was very impressed. The course covers all the basics of what you need to know .... how to plan reading, listening, writing, speaking and pronunciation lessons, how to teach vocabulary, choosing resources etc.

There is also a grammar module which is a MUST for all native speakers, as (unfortunately) we have a very basic knowlegde of English grammar if we have no prior experience, especially compared to foreign learners who are at intermediate level!

There are also two other aspects to the course that particularly appealed to me. There is a module on teaching Young Learners. Teaching kids is a completely different ball game to teaching adults (ball games sometimes needing to feature in the lessons), and in non-native speaking countries, teaching children has the highest demand. So getting some training in this area will make you more marketable, and give you greater confidence.

This TEFL online course also concludes with a section on using multimedia as a teaching tool. This is worth doing, as it will seriously broaden the resources at your disposal (many of my most interesting lessons have been internet based), as well as impress all your students.

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LoveTEFL offer the opportunity, for those who would like some guaranteed work experience, to sign up for their internship programmes. You can work in either Vietnam, Thailand or China for 3 to 12 months with local support, airport pickup, orientation, accommodation, a monthly allowance all provided. You are required to complete the LoveTEFL 120 hour course before you arrive at the country, or supply proof that you have completed another 120 hour TEFL course.

This is a fantastic way to to do the theory and practical all at once, with a support network behind you! What an amazing opportunity.

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There are also supported English teaching jobs in China and Thailand that you can apply for through LoveTEFL. Sometimes the LoveTEFL course is enough, and sometimes a degree is also required (in any subject). You can apply online, and will later be called for a telephone interview if you are being considered for the job. The jobs are normally for a year, and assistance is given with visas, flights, accommodation and further teaching development.

This is a great solution for people who would like to do something completely new and exciting, but are a bit nervous to take the leap by themselves.


The LoveTEFL online course is accredited by the ODLQC (Open and Distance Learning Quality Council).

Student Testimonials
LoveTEFL Online Course

“From my first experience with speaking to love TEFL I knew that they were the kind of agency who cared about the people they recruit and also about the schools at the other end. I could tell that they had my best interest at heart. The interview process was very comforting and the only thing you need to do is just be yourself.  The online course is full of useful information and is really enjoyable to participate in. By the end of it you will already feel like a teacher and will be rearing to go with putting it all into action.

Love TEFL don’t just support you whilst you’re in the UK, they really do follow the support process right through to the last stages of your recruitment. I have come to the end of my teaching year and they are as supportive now as they were at the beginning. They really do care, that’s what separates them from all the other agencies. There are team members at the other side who make regular visits to your school in case you have any questions or issues. The teachers who I have met during my time here have all come from other agencies and none of them receive the same level of support that we do from Love TEFL, I feel lucky to have found them and have been placed with them. I would recommend this agency to anyone thinking of teaching abroad; they really have changed my life.”

Louise Cunningham


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If you are interested in finding out what other TEFL courses are available, have a look at my reviews of TEFLengland, i-to-i, ICAL or my chart that compares what these companies have to offer.

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