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TEFL i-to-i offer a very wide range of courses, and with such a diverse choice they are able to cater to almost everyone's needs. I would recommend the EDI CertTEFL or the 120 hour online course for those with no previous teaching experience, and the 40 hour online for those who have some previous experience, or would like to see what teaching is all about.

Apart from the TEFL courses, i-to-i also offer internships to Vietnam, Thailand, China and Poland.

All i-to-i student are allocated an online tutor to help with feedback and assessments.

There are often special deals available on all the courses, so keep an eye out for those!

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120 Hour Online Course

The 120 hour online course consists of a basics teaching course, a grammar course and 4 specialist teaching modules.

The 60 hour basic course inlcudes all the fundamental aspects of teaching English. Classroom management, how to teach reading, listening, writing, speaking, grammar, pronunciation, how to write lesson plans and how to use games and activities.

The 20 hour grammar module gives you the basics of grammar, including terminology, parts of speech, tenses, vocabulary and pronunciation.

The final part of the course are specialist modules. For the specialist modules you can choose 4 from the following list ..... how to teach using limited resources, how to teach business English, one-to-one, young learners, large classes and how to use video and audio. All these topics are very useful!

There are always times when you run out of resources (or have left them at home!), teaching kids is a massive market all over the non-English speaking world, business English is always required what with globalisation taking its toll, you can make extra money with private one-to-one lessons, and using audio and video will make your classes more dynamic.

If you would like some classroom input, you can also extend this online course with a 20 hour classroom course, which includes some teaching practise in front of the other TEFL students who are on the course with you. The weekend classroom courses are available in many locations all over the world.

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The EDI CertTEFL is the highest level course that i-to-i offer. It includes the full 140 hour combined course, 6 hours of practical teaching in front of real English learners, with assessment and feedback, and 4 written assignments. The practical teaching segment can currently be done in centres in England, Ireland and Australia.

The EDI Cert TEFL is certified by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) at Level 5 on the National Qualifications Framework for England, and by Education Development International (EDI). This is the equivalent certification to the CELTA.

If you have the funds, the time and are in the right location, then this is definitely the course to go for.

40 Hour Online Course

The 40 hour TEFL i-to-i online course is the basic entry level course, and therefore also the cheapest. It covers all the basics of teaching English - classroom management, how to teach grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading, speaking, writing, pronunciation, how to write lesson plans, and games and activities that you can use in the classroom.

A friend of mine (whose opinion I value highly) who has previous teaching experience in other subjects did this course as a refresher and to push her in the right direction towards teaching English. She found the course to be good value for money, very convenient (as she could do it anywhere, anytime), she thought the content was well presented, and the tutors answered quickly with constructive advise.

I would say this course is a good starting point for those who:

  • want to find out (without spending too much money) if teaching English is for them
  • don't have the option of taking the intensive weekend course due to time or location
  • have previous teaching experience but need a refresher, or want to find out how to specifically teach English

If you do do the 40 hour online course, and think that you would enjoy ESL, then I would strongly recommend that after completing it, you upgrade to either the 120 or 140 hour course.


All the TEFL i-to-i courses are accredited by the ODLQC  (Open and Distance Learning Quality Council).

The EDI Cert TEFL is certified by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) at Level 5 on the National Qualifications Framework for England, and by Education Development International (EDI). This is the equivalent certification to the CELTA.


TEFL i-to-i also offer internships in Vietnam, Thailand, China and Poland. This means that once you have completed the 120 hour online or 140 hour combined course (depending on the internship), you work as an English teacher in that particular country, with airport transfers, orientation course, basic language lessons, monthly salary, accommodation and in-country support all provided. This is a great way to travel and get some teaching experience under your belt!

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Other Courses

TEFL i-to-i offer all of the following courses:

Online Courses: 40 hour, 60 hour, 80 hour, 100 hour, 120 hour

Combined Courses: 20 hour classroom course, 40 hour combined, 60 hour combined, 120 hour combined, 140 hour combined, EDI CertTEFL 

If you would like to find out about some other online TEFL courses, have a look at my reviews of TEFLengland, LoveTEFL, ICAL, or have a look at my chart which compares all of these companies.

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