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Here are my pronunciation TH word lists and exercises. I wouldn't spend more than 15 minutes in a lesson doing these drills with the students, as that could become very tedious and tiresome. You will find a free downloadable printout for the students at the bottom of this page.

This is how I would structure this lesson:

  • demonstrate how the words are pronounced by reading a line, set of words, or sentence
  • get the students to repeat
  • repeat until you have finished the words and sentences for that particular sound
  • get the students to each write 5 sentences of their own, using the vocabulary from the the 'Words' section. They have to include as many of the words as possible in each sentence
  • they have to read out their sentences, paying special attention to the pronunciation and intonation

This is how you can differentiate whether the TH is voiced or not. Place your hand on your throat. When you say the voiced TH, your throat will vibrate. When you say a voiceless TH, it will not vibrate.

Voiceless TH /θ/


  • thank, thick, thief, thin, think, thing, three, thousand, Thursday, thirty-eight, thunderstorm
  • athlete, author, nothing, toothache, wealthy, everything, worthwhile, anything
  • bath, earth, teeth, cloth, north, myth, mouth, youth, faith, underneath


  • He thanked the wealthy author on Thursday for the third time.
  • The athlete ran three thousand metres to the north.
  • It is a myth that when you are thirty-three you have lost your youth.
  • There is nothing worthwhile in a thunderstorm.
  • I think the thin thief ran north with the cloth underneath his arm.

Get the students to write their own sentences with the words, and read them out loud.

Voiced TH /ð/


  • that, than, the, their, then, there's, they, they'd, they'll, they've, this, those, themselves, therefore
  • mother, other, bother, brother, breathing, clothing, father, feather, gathering, lather, other, rather, soothing, weather, worthy, brotherly, together


  • Their mother was gathering the clothes together.
  • They’ve had a lot of bother with the weather.
  • They’d rather gather those berries with their mother.
  • There’s their brother, together with their father.
  • Therefore they’d rather go together.

Now get the students to write their own sentences with the words to practice their pronunciation TH.

Pronunciation TH - Mixed Voiced and Voiceless

  • There’s the wealthy author whose brother has toothache.
  • The weather from the north on Thursdays is soothing.
  • They have nothing other than each other, the weather, and their youth.
  • Those thirty-eight thieves were brothers.
  • They’d rather have a bath with their clothing on.

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