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Here are my pronunciation ED word lists, for you to practise verbs and adjectives ending in -ed with your students. You will find a free printout of this pronunciation ED lesson at the bottom of this page.

I would suggest going through the material in the following way, but of course, feel free to be creative, and if you come up with any fun activities, please share them with us:

  • read through a line of words/sentence
  • get the students to repeat after you
  • continue in this way through the lesson, going through the different ED pronunciations and explaining when they occur
  • the last sentence is a story starter. After the students have repeated it, they need to take turns continuing with the story, using as many words from the word list as possible in their contribution.

-ed /Id/

most commonly used when the verb in the present simple ends in a ‘t’ or ‘d’

boasted, wanted, shouted, delighted, ended, exited, added, expected, exported, flooded, graduated, hated, included, invited, invented, landed, needed, painted, planted, printed, presented, pretended, protected, provided, rented, repeated, respected, rested, skated, started, shouted, treated, visited, waited

  • When he graduated, he was delighted, and repeatedly shouted because he was so excited.
  • She wanted to be invited so that she would be included.
  • John exited the stadium, then rested while he waited for the respected and aged coach.
  • The hall needed to be painted, so we provided the paint, started the work, exited, waited, rested, and then presented the results to those invited.

-ed /t/

normally after voiceless sounds: p, k, s, ch, sh, f, x, h

danced, looked, stopped, asked, placed, packed, tripped, hoped, laughed, faxed, watched, washed, liked, locked, looked, missed, mixed, passed, picked, pressed, pushed, pronounced, relaxed, slipped, smoked, shopped, talked, cracked, crashed, baked, helped, dropped

  • She laughed as he locked the door because he missed the keyhole, dropped the keys and tripped on the mat.
  • I love smoked haddock with baked potato, topped with cracked pepper and mixed herbs.
  • She shopped ‘til she dropped.
  • He watched as she washed the clothes.

-ed /d/

usually after voiced sounds : l, v, n, m, r, b, v, g, w, y, z and vowel sounds

opened, covered, listened, screamed, played, amazed, pleased, drained, allowed, begged, encouraged, enjoyed, entered, explained, explored, filled, followed, happened, interviewed, imagined, jailed, killed, lived, loved, measured, moved, planned, performed, pulled, realized, remembered

  • Joe remembered that he had explained the secret as they had entered the vault, she had listened and then screamed.
  • He was amazed that he had pulled off what he had planned.
  • Mary begged to be interviewed and then explained that she had explored all the options.
  • She explained what she was doing as she measured the ingredients, moved the pots and drained the rice.

Creative Practice

Here is a story starter. Get the students to take turns continuing the story, using as many words as possible from all the pronunciation ED lists:

Claire screamed when he locked the door because she hated being trapped…..

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