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If you are interested in online English learning you have come to the right place. Here you will find free reading exercises that will help you improve your reading skills, grow your vocabulary and help you to learn more English idioms and phrases.

This is one of my free esl lesson plans, that is based on an article published in THE WEEK, which discusses different things that are good or bad for us. In 2011, scientists made some new, interesting discoveries about the world around us, and published their findings on items like placebos, tangerines, sleeplessness, milk, olive oil, green tea and shopping.

Discover why your pillow is bad for you. Find out why having a desk job is not always the best option, what the benefits of swearing are, and why washing dishes can be bad for your wellbeing. Do you know if the milk in your cereal is benefiting you, or whether eating bacon with your eggs is a good idea? Should you be taking vitamin supplements to improve your health? What are the long term effects of sleeplessness? Find out what the scientific studies have revealed on all these, and more.

Free Downloadable Reading Lesson


This reading lesson is appropriate for upper-intermediate, advanced and proficiency level English (B1 to C2).

My free printable worksheets come in pdf format. All you need to do is print them out and work through the lesson at your own speed. First go through the vocabulary exercises. Then read the text through quickly once, without worrying about any words you don't understand. Read it through a second time looking for the new words you have learnt. Lastly you will learn some idioms with the word 'break'. You will find the answers on the last page.

Online English learning should be fun and interesting, so I hope you enjoy this free reading lesson :)

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