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In my Olympic Lessons you will be truly amazed to what lengths people will go to to win. If you thought you knew how many different ways it was possible to cheat the system, you will be surprised at the variety of creative ways people have explored to grab that gold medal. This lesson is based on an article from The Independent newspaper, and gives examples of nine different occasions during the Olympic Games over the last century, where people were caught 'bending' the rules.

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These Olympic Lessons are suitable for you if you are at upper-intermediate, advanced or proficiency level English (B2, C1 and C2).

Language Focus

My lesson starts off with some things for you to think about, where you get to use your imagination (or memory, as the case may be), to come up with as many possible ideas on ways to cheat in sport.

This is followed by a fascinating article which looks at nine different athletes over the last century of the Olympics, and different ways that they cheated.

Do you know which sports used to be included in the Olympics, but have now been exlcluded? Or which sports will probably be added to the 2016 Olympic Games? Would you be able to list all the different types that are currently included in the Games?

In this lesson you will learn some new vocabulary, as well as idioms relating to the world of sport. You have to guess which sport each idiom originated from, and then match it to it's definition.

So don't let yourself off the hook. If you give this lesson your best shot (and you don't even need to go overboard with how much time you put into it!), you will soon be in full swing and improve your English in next to know time. So now the ball is in your court....

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