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Magnificent Failures

Do you want to learn English online? This is one of my free reading lessons, based on an article published in THE WEEK. It is a collection of very funny stories, about things that didn't go quite as planned.

Find out about the least successful romantic gesture, the worst safe-sex campaign, the least successful practical joke, the most over enthusiastic armed response and the least successful disguise. What would you do if you were locked out of your house naked, or found yourself in a hotel with an owner who is a control freak? What would your response be if you discovered a new species? Find out why a bargain bucket of KFC might not be the ideal thing for all occasions.

In my free printable worksheets, you will find a ready made lesson. Download the notes, and you will be ready to learn English online with new vocabulary, and reading and comprehension practice J

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You can use this lesson to learn English online, if you are at upper-intermediate, advanced or proficiency level English (B1 to C2).

Language Focus

This amusing article is perfect for practising English reading and comprehension, and learning new words and idioms.

I have divided the article up into the various stories and taken some vocabulary from each text. You will find the title of each story, along with some words I have taken out. Make sure you know what all the words mean, and then try and guess what really happened. Then practise your reading and comprehension, as you read through the text to see how accurate your predictions were. The lesson then concludes with some commonly used English idioms about things going a bit wrong.

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