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This in one of my ESL free lesson plans that has a listening based on a video clip. There is new vocabulary, comprehension and plenty of opportunity for discussion.

Robert Lustig is a specialist in pediatric hormone disorders, and childhood obesity. His lecture called 'Sugar, the bitter truth' has caused quite a stir, as it poses the question, 'Is sugar a toxin?". Find out for yourself, and see if you agree with his findings!

How much sugar do you eat? Do you know which products you eat have added sugar? Do you know what effects this sugar is having on you? This video clip provides some astonishing evidence about the culture of sugar that we live in.

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As with my other ESL free lesson plans, this listening lesson is for advanced and proficiency level students (B2, C1 and C2).

Language Focus

This lesson begins with some questions for the students to discuss. Is sugar bad for you? Do you eat a lot of sugar? Do you try and limit sugar in your diet?

There are then some new vocabulary words to learn, which have been extracted from the video, as well as their synonyms. And then there are also some commonly used collocations. The students get to watch a very eye-opening video clip with some comprehension questions. This is then followed by a debate, based on a controversial statement posed in the video clip. The students learn some commonly used phrases on how to express your opinion, and then they get to practise them.

The lesson finishes off with some idioms with the word 'sweet'. Do you have a sweet tooth? If you are sweet on someone, do you whisper sweet nothings into their ear? I'll keep this description short and sweet and end it right here J

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