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If you would like some English reading practice and to learn some vocabulary, then you will find it here J

This is a self study lesson on extreme sports and the injuries that they can cause. Do you think that Formula 1 Car Racing is dangerous? What about cave diving, BASE jumping or high altitude mountaineering? Would you try any of these sports?

You will get some English reading practice here in an outstanding article from THE WEEK, which turns our attention to human courage and the incredible power we all have within us to fight on and never give up, despite extremely challenging circumstances. Melanie Reid was a journalist who broke her back in a riding accident. She shares her sorrows, tears, challenges, joys and victories with us.

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This free English reading practice is suitable for upper-intermediate, advanced and proficiency level students (B1, C1 and C2).

Language Focus

This lesson starts off with a look at some extremely dangerous sports. Think about what you would put in your top 10, and then compare your choices with a list that Forbes have listed on their website, which includes a description of each. The lesson then continues with a look at other more everyday sports, and the sorts of injuries that you can get from these sports.

I have also included links to stories about famous people who have (sometimes miraculously) recovered from some rather extreme injuries.

The lesson then continues with a reading and comprehension based on the artilce from THE WEEK mentioned above. There are new words, collocations and synonyms for the you to learn before you read through the text.

I hope you enjoyed this free reading comprehension lesson. If you liked it, why not try some of my other reading or listening lessons?

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