Christmas Lesson Plan

If you are looking for a Christmas lesson plan with a twist to do with your ESL students, then you need look no further. This lesson plan offers a mix of traditional elements with contemporary statistics, along with some practical English application.

Have you ever wondered where some of our Christmas traditions come from? Why does Santa Claus visit us? Why does he climb down the chimney? Who named the reindeer? This lesson takes a slightly deeper look at where these ideas originated. A short video clip by the History Channel, which is packed with information, new vocabulary and original illustrations is the basis for this lesson.

You would be astounded to learn how many letters are delivered in the United States between Christmas and New Year, what percentage of the population puts up Christmas trees, and what the record number of lights ever put on a Christmas tree is. Test your students general knowledge (or guessing accuracy) with a fun quiz.

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This lesson plan is suitable for upper-intermediate, advanced and proficiency level English (B2, C1 and C2).

Language Focus

As well as giving cultural insights into some of the traditions of much of the English speaking world, there are also some practical language applications in this lesson. Giving clear and polite instructions is always a useful trait. The students get to practice giving instructions while making snowflakes (which can then be used to liven up their classroom). A bit of geometry vocabulary will assist your students as they describe a snowflake outline to the others. None of the students are permitted to see what the others are doing.

I always like to finish off a Christmas lesson with a little christmasy snack, which will almost certainly be cause for celebration in the class J

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