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Planned Obsolescence

This is one of my advanced English Videos that I have based on a fabulous clip. It is a documentary that looks at the issue of planned obsolescence.

Have you ever been frustrated because things you buy seem to break very easily? Have you found that it's difficult to get things fixed, because you have been advised that the parts are too expensive or are not available? Why is it that things that were made a long time ago, seem to last longer than things that are being made now?

Planned obsolescence is the action that companies take in order to keep comsumers spending. Why is it that we always want the newest, latest items when our previous products still work? Why do so many things that we buy break? Is this all coincidence? You'll be surprised by some of the companies that are mentioned and what they've been up to!

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My advanced English videos are suitable for advanced and proficiency level students (B2, C1 and C2). If you want to improve your listening skils and increase your English vocabulary, then this lesson is perfect for you.

Language Focus

This listening lesson starts off with some questions around the topic of electronic items, appliances, computers, printers, mobile phones etc that seem to break as soon as their guarantee period is over. Do you find it difficult to find spare parts? Do you think that companies deliberately design their products with a limited life-span?

I have broken the lesson up into 4 parts, each consisting of a point to consider, learning some new vocabulary that will be in the video clip and then watching the video and answering comprehension questions. The lesson finishes off with some idioms with the word 'break'.

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